Find Parks

We want you to come outside and play, southeast Indiana!

Right now, the very best way to get outside is our Park Hop! Have a hopping good time with this community-wide scavenger hunt!


Here’s a little video with some ideas of what you can do at Oak Heritage Conservancy nature preserves. 

We’re also proud to share our interactive, online map of all of the natural areas in southeast Indiana. If you know of a park or preserve that we’ve left off, let us know – we want to add it!

We’ve created a version of the Guide that you can print off to keep on the refrigerator, in the car, of with you on a bike ride. Feel free to download it today!

We’re also releasing our very own podcast series, Nature Seek. Each episode introduces you to a new Oak Heritage Conservancy preserve. The 3-5 minute episodes are a neat way to prep for your day in the woods, meadows, and wetlands of southeast Indiana.

This project is a collaboration with Steve Higgs, who just released “A Guide to the Natural Areas of Southern Indiana.” This fantastic resource gives you the details you need to plan your next outdoor adventure, find hidden gems, and get outside. For all the details that our Guide can’t provide, buy Steve’s book. 

This project is also a collaboration with Hanover College. We are grateful for an ongoing partnership with the College’s students and faculty. Students in Political Science, Geology, Graphic Design and other areas are involved with Service Learning projects. They advance their classroom learning by partnering with us on real-world projects. Their work, from brochures to podcasts, is helping advance conservation in southeast Indiana. We look forward to more learning together!