Nature at Home

These are uncertain times – but one thing is always true: we need a connection to the natural world.

In response to Covid-19, we are cancelling our in-person events, and providing fun projects you can do at home, to keep connecting to the natural world.

We look forward to spending time outside in nature with you later this year. But for right now: if you’re looking for some small projects to do while we Stay-at-Home, we’ve got you covered!

Each week, we’ll post a new project for nature lovers of all ages.

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5/20/2020 – A (Virtual) Visit to the Smithsonian Habitats Exhibit

Let’s head to our nation’s capital (virtually!) for a tour of the Smithsonian’s Habitats exhibit. They’re spending two years focusing on all the life outside the museum walls. Right now, they’re making the exhibit virtual. There are 15 exhibits in all, and each one digs into science, human history on the land, and ecology. There are videos, photos, and more for you to explore when you click here.

5/12/2020 – #INslowmoments

This week’s Nature at Home project comes to us from Indiana Humanities. We’re in love with the #INslowmoments campaign. The whole point of “Slow Moment” video is to get outside, slow down, and capture a video of whatever part of the Indiana landscape inspires you, whether it’s a creek, the hop of a rocky outcropping, the bottom of a waterfall, of the sunset over a meadow. Here’s the scoop, straight from their website…details on how to make and enter your own #INslowmoments video at and on their website at

5/5/2020 – Hummingbirds!

Hummingbirds are here! These migratory jewels come to Indiana each Spring. We were amazed to learn that humminbirds remember the feeders and flower patches that they visit over their lifetime – and they’ll return to the same ones over and over. We feel inspired to plant more pollinator plants this Spring, and add some feeders!

Click here to find DIY feeder plans, learn more about hummingbirds, and ponder what to plant in your native wildflower patch for hummingbirds.

4/27/2020 – Nature I-Spy

Everyone loves I-Spy, especially if the focus is on nature – and it gives us a chance to connect to the people we love.

We have two options for Nature I-Spy: one for toddlers, and one for the rest of us. The one for kids, teenagers, and adults lets you connect with friends and family, and play together, even from afar.

Click here to see how Nature I-Spy works!

4/20/2020 – Earth Day!

This week’s Nature at Home project is very special: it’s an Earth Day celebration!

We have three fun projects that will let us all celebrate Earth Day together, even from afar.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’re also giving away free, eco-friendly Oak Heritage Conservancy t-shirts to the first 50 new members who join at the $40 level (or above!). Click here to join…and if you’re already a member, click here to renew or here to buy a t-shirt.

4/13/2020 – Get to Know the Trees in Your Backyard

This week’s Nature at Home project is all about trees. We’ve gathered a few little experiments and crafts that will help you get to know the trees in your backyard – hopefully in ways you’ve never considered!

Click here for four little projects for tree lovers of all ages.

4/6/2020 – Make a Gratitude Tree

Let’s add leaves like the trees are doing, and create a Gratitude Tree. The idea is to write a love letter to nature, and take time to consider all that we have to be thankful for during Spring. This project has four easy steps, and lets you connect with friends and family from afar.

Click here for the how-to on this fun nature craft project.

3/30/2020 – Feed the Birds

We all have a little extra time at home right now – so why not use it to help the birds?

We’ve found some super DIY bird feeders that you can make at home, with supplies you have on hand. Snap a few photos of you making your birdfeeder, post them to social media, and tag @OakHeritageConservancy so we can cheer you on!

Click here to see the list of DIY bird feeders projects we’ve found for you!

Note: We want you to stay healthy and social distance. If you see a project that you don’t have the supplies for, just make a note and do it later this year. For now, tackle the one(s) you have supplies for!

3/23/2020 – Look for Animal Tracks – and a Fun “Quiz” (for all of you Mammal Track Detectives!)

Spring can be an excellent time to find animal tracks! There is plenty of mud, and animals are on the move. This activity asks you to put on your detective hat. Can you figure out who made the tracks? See the whole project here.

After you do this activity, pop outside and look for animal tracks in the mud or along a creek. Even in your backyard, you might find some tracks. If you go to a park or nature preserve to look for tracks, remember to keep 6 feet between you and other families.