Photo Contest

2017 Photo Contest Entries Being Judged 


Stephen William Burress was one of the Best of Show winners of last year’s photo contest.

We’re currently judging the 269 entries in our 2017 photo contest. These photos were impressive, so this will take a few days!

Amateur photographers sent in a nature photo in one of four categories:

  • Forest, Creeks, and Wetlands
  • Farms
  • People in Nature
  • Wildlife and Wildflowers

This year, we challenged people to take photos on land that is protected and open to the public – including state parks, state and national forests, Oak Heritage Conservancy nature preserves, etc. If you’re looking for a natural area to visit, check out our map of nearby parks!

Our judges will select winners in November and we will exhibit the winners this winter – look for an online exhibit and a traveling, in-person exhibit, too! Details to come on our photo exhibit venues. The twelve photos selected for our traveling exhibit will be blown up and mounted; winning photographers will receive their photo as a prize.

This contest and exhibit are supported by the Indiana Arts Commission. Many thanks to the IAC for making the arts come alive in southeast Indiana.

Our partner for the exhibit and contest is George Rogers Clark Land Trust, a community group that focuses on protecting working farmland in southern Indiana. Many thanks to the Board of GRCLT for all of their hard work making this contest and exhibit a reality!


2016 Exhibit


2016 Grand Prize Winner and Survey Results Announced

Allison Wolfe’s Grand Prize Winning Photo

The sun sets, revealing a silhouette of a father and daughter holding hands. That’s the image that Allison Wolfe submitted in the “Capturing the Beauty of Working Farmland” photo contest. She took the photo on their farm in Starlight, Indiana, and she’s just won Grand Prize in our contest.

Wolfe says the photo shows her “two loves just looking out at the sunset on the farm.” Photography, she says, lets her “capture a moment in time.”

She also captured the hearts of people who viewed the photo exhibit. Over 5,000 people viewed the exhibit, and they were invited to vote for a Grand Prize winner. Over 475 people voted, and Wolfe won.

We partnered with George Rogers Clark Land Trust to host the contest and exhibit, aiming to spark conversation about how small working farms and natural areas contribute to the character of southern Indiana.

Over 120 photos were submitted, and our judges selected 14 winners. The winning photos were all taken on farms in Indiana, and they showed the range of farm life – things like a fox peeking out of her den; a young boy feeding cattle; old barns at dusk; and a creek running through the woods.

We had the photos blown up and mounted, and exhibited the winning photos at community events throughout the winter and via their online exhibit. Over 5,000 people viewed the exhibit. People were invited to participate in a brief survey and to vote for a Grand Prize winner.

The survey revealed something special.

Before looking at the photos, about one third of people said they only “sometimes” thought about how natural areas and farmland contribute to the character of our community here in southern Indiana.

After looking at the photos, 96 percent said that farmland and natural areas are “very important” to the scenic views, open space, and character of our community.

Allison Wolfe, the Grand Prize winner of the contest, couldn’t agree more.

When asked how she thinks farms contribute to the character of southern Indiana, she answered enthusiastically that “without farms, there wouldn’t be any character.”

The photography contest and exhibit were generously supported by the Indiana Arts Commission.


2016 Best in Show Photos 

These photos are the winners from our “Capturing the Beauty of Working Farms” contest, a collaborative project with George Rogers Clark Land Trust. Over 120 photos were submitted, and these 37 pictures made the cut for our Online Exhibit. We’ll also be exhibiting the 14 “Best in Show” photos at several community events this winter. All photos were taken here in Indiana by amateur photographers.

George Rogers Clark Land Trust (GRCLT) and Oak Heritage Conservancy (OHC) are nonprofit organizations that protect natural areas and farmland in southern Indiana. To date, GRCLT has conserved over 400 acres of working farmland and OHC has conserved over 700 acres of farmland, forests, wetlands, and meadows.

This photography contest and exhibition are generously supported by the Indiana Arts Commission.