Reverse Field Trips

Reverse Field Trips help 3rd & 4th grade teachers bring nature to the classroom and meet Indiana science standards.

The lesson plans are free – just click here and we’ll add you to the Google Drive so that you can access the lessons.

Even if you’re not a science buff or nature nerd, these lessons will help you feel confident engaging your students in hands-on, STEAM lessons. The Reverse Field Trips:

  • Include hands-on STEAM activities to engage your students
  • Are based on nationally recognized lesson plans, and tailored to fit Indiana.
  • Have been vetted by 3rd-4th grade teachers (and improved based on their input!).
  • Highlight the flora and fauna of southeast Indiana
  • Meet Indiana standards for reading, math, science, and social studies.
  • Follow a 5E model – they’re designed to help students ask questions with rigor, follow their curiosity, and explore with hands-on learning.
  • Fit a theme – 3rd grade – Pollinators; 4th grader – Birds.
  • Are flexible. Put them to work  in traditional classrooms, after school programs, and homeschool settings.

Reverse Field Trips are brought to you by Oak Heritage Conservancy, a nonprofit that protects special places in southeast Indiana and connects people with nature.

This project is possible because of support from the Ripley County Community Foundation.