Nature Seek Podcast & Videos

Ready for a sneak preview into our preserves? Our podcast series, Nature Seek, is for you! We’ve partnered up with Hanover College students to create short radio pieces and videos about our preserves. You’ll hear birds calling and thunder rolling in at our preserves. You’ll learn about the history of the preserve, and what you can do there. You can also check out our video inviting you to visit Oak Heritage Conservancy nature preserves.

This podcast series is a service learning project with Hanover College. Students at the College are honing their political science skills – and helping us spread the word that Oak Heritage Conservancy nature preserves are free and open for the whole community. Learn more about our partnership below.







Episode 7: Hilltop Farm NP

By: Matthew Baggot and Reilly West

Hilltop Farm has hiking trails, pollinator habitats (native wildflower plantings!), forests, and more – all for you to enjoy!

Episode 6: Monarch Meadows NP

By: Dylan Baker, Kara Busemeyer, and Lynn Henning

Over 100 community members chipped in to save this preserve. Hear about why Monarch Meadows is remarkable, and then plan a trip to visit.

Episode 5: Buttonwood

By: Sarah Bucker, Maura Dankoski, Dirk Meinhart, and Haley Noe

This nature preserve is a treasure trove: explore along the shores of clean and clear Hogan Creek, head into the forest along an old farm path.

Episode 4: Webster Woods

By: Keaton Bateson, Colt Lambdin, Madeline McHugh, and Jessica Rieskamp

Hike through the quiet of the forest. Listen for frogs and look for frog eggs in vernal pools. See what nature has to offer at Webster Woods Nature Preserve.

Episode 3: Guthrie Woods

By: Clay Elliot, Ashtyn Johnson, Mishayla Johnson, and Nick Rackemann

Wander through one of Indiana’s oldest nature preserves, complete with a love story and enormous trees. 

Episode 2: Tribbett’s Woods

By: Katherine Heiss, Madeline Sappenfield, Cooper Watts, and Rebecca Willhite

Explore this old growth forest’s towering trees and peaceful escape.

Episode 1: Hall-Carmer Wetlands

By: David Andrusiak, Mara Colson, and Nate Skowron

Birdwatch, hike, and enjoy the wetlands at this unique preserve.

Podcast Partnership with Hanover College

Students from Hanover College are creating these podcasts as a way to serve their community and practice their academic skills. The students are part of a class called “Community, Nature, and Politics,” – a political science course examines politics and power through the lens of nature in southeast Indiana. During the course, the students learn the basics of political science and consider  power dynamics and the role of community involved with natural resource decisions. They dive into readings and discussion about politics, nature, environmental education, and more. They take field trips to local public land (including Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge, Clifty Falls State Park, Hatcher Hill Trail, and our own preserves).

The students also hone their political science skills by completing a service learning project: creating podcasts for Oak Heritage Conservancy. To make a good podcast, they must understand their audience (the people and communities of southeast Indiana), develop a compelling story (including the history and natural history of the land), create a pitch (why someone should utilize these community resources), and be concise (the podcasts are just 2-4 minutes).

The podcasts are helping Oak Heritage Conservancy get the word out to a wider cross-section of people in southeast Indiana: our nature preserves are free and open for you to enjoy. These preserves are a community asset that provides everyone with mental, physical, and emotional benefits, and we want you to come visit.

This year, the students researched, wrote, recorded, edited, and produced four new podcasts. Each podcast explores a different preserve. We hope to continue this partnership, and add more podcasts about more of our preserves each year.

We’re honored to be working with these students and the College.