Land Trust Success

We are one of more than 1,100 land trusts in the United States. American land trusts have conserved more than 50 million acres – an area greater than the size of Nebraska. Land trusts offer a local, proven way to conserve land. To learn more about land trusts and the good work we do, visit the Land Trust Alliance’s website.

Indiana Land Trusts

Protecting Our Natural Hoosier Heritage

Indiana is home to over 20 active land trusts, and together, we are making important progress. As of 2005, we had conserved over 20,000 acres in the Hoosier state. Conservation efforts have ramped up considerably in the last few years, and a new tally should be available soon. Every property we conserve helps protect Indiana’s natural heritage for future generations.

Background on Indiana Land Trusts

Each land trust covers a geographic area (i.e. southeast Indiana, a particular river valley, etc.) or focuses on a particular type of land (i.e. caves, working farms, etc.). Although we all use similar methods of preserving land, each land trust faces unique challenges because we cover such different ecosystems and human communities.

Some land trusts, like the Indiana Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and Acres, Inc. have been in operation close to fifty years. Most land trusts, including Oak Heritage, are younger but growing in capacity and reach.

Indiana land trusts collaborate and learn together through the Indiana Land Protection Alliance (ILPA). We meet throughout the year for workshops and networking, and to coordinate our efforts.