Nov 20 – Monthly Nature Journal Guild – NOW AT TRIBBETT’S WOODS

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Let’s spend time together to strengthen our connections to nature hiking, journaling, and reflecting on our experiences. All ages welcome.

About this event


This month’s Nature Journal Guild Time is at Tribbett’s Woods Nature Preserves in Commiskey, Indiana. We will gather to focus on a variety of nature journaling experiences to foster the connection among nature, art, and passions. This guild is for friends of all ages, and backgrounds, regardless of artistic ability, who want to develop their wanderings and wonderings in a communal experience. Through hikes and hands-on skill builders, we will explore the preserves to hone our natural curiosities through artistic and naturalistic skills while expanding or developing our connections with nature. No prior experience to journaling or drawing required.

Please RSVP for this free event, so that we can plan for a fun time together.


The changing season’s display in the woods gives us a wide palette of choices for journaling. Our skill builder for this month will investigate the art of shading. We will provide materials that you may borrow and use for the day. If you want to build your own set of nature journaling tools, below is a list of “the basics” that we can use for our meetings. We will add more tools as our skills develop or as your interest increases.

  • Journal or composition book (medium in size) with a stiff cardboard cover and heavier weighted paper
  • No. 2 pencil (mechanical is fine), sharpener, and eraser (and a small plastic bag to collect shavings)
  • Non-photo blue pencil (Prismacolor “Col-Erase 20028 NP Blue”) with eraser
  • Ball-point pen (waterproof and that does not smudge or smear)
  • Colored pencils (set of 12 is great); secured with a rubber band or hairband
  • Pencil case for your supplies (optional) or small bag for all of your supplies (including the journal)
  • Hand lens
  • Plastic bags or envelopes for carrying specimens (optional)

Please wear appropriate shoes, hat, and clothing. Bring your own bottle of water and snack to share with others. We will be able to refill our water bottles. Bug spray with DEET will be available as well. We will start at 1:00 pm and end at 3:00 pm. See the link below to locate parking. In the event of inclement weather that creates an environment not conducive for journaling, we will postpone the event to a later date. Feel free to bring a snack to share with others.

Click this link for more information. Please park along the road.

We have a journaling day scheduled every month!

  • December 18 – Hall-Carmer Wetlands
  • January 15 – Guthrie Woods
  • February 19 – Riverview
  • March 19 – Sunman’s Woods
  • April 16 – Lebline Woods
  • May 21 – Hilltop Farm
  • June – 18 – TBA
  • July 16 – Buttonwood
  • August 20 – Monarch Meadow

Check out next months’ events at We hope to see you there!