Park Hop

1. Get the Clues

Download the full Park Hop activity booklet with clues for all 19 parks:

2. Go Have Fun at Jefferson County’s Parks and Nature Preserves

The Park Hop is a free, community-wide scavenger hunt through our parks and nature preserves. Jefferson County, Indiana is full of places for you to explore in nature. The Park Hop is a fun way for families (and kids of all ages) to get outside and have fun.

From waterfalls to forests, and city parks to lakes, there’s something for everyone, right here in our backyard. (Scroll to the bottom for a map of the 19 parks in the Park Hop and parking details.)

Visit as many parks as you can, and have FUN exploring new parks. As you go, answer the clues on your Passport.

3. Kids Earn Prizes

By April 30th: Parents and kids can complete this little form together once they’ve visited as many parks as they can. Prize pickup will be at the Madison Library. We’ll let you know when your prizes are ready to be picked up!

Kids (18 and under) can earn prizes based on how many parks they visit. Prizes include things like magnifying glasses, nature-themed books, and more!

Prizes are available for kids who complete the clues for 3, 5, or 10+ parks.

Kids who complete the clues for 10+ parks will enter youth for the grand prize drawing – a one year pass to all Indiana state parks!

Where are the clues listed?

The “Passport” lists the parks and the scavenger hunt clues for each park and nature preserve. There are three good ways to get the clues:

  • Download the clues to your phone.
  • Pickup a printed booklet at the Madison or Hanover Library, Brown Gym, KDH, or City Hall.
  • Print at home – you can get full booklet with clues for all 19 parks. Just scroll to the top of this page and click “Download to Print.”

When is the Park Hop?

March 17 – April 22, 2021 – perfect for a Spring Break adventure!

Where are the Parks?

All over Jefferson County.

The parks all show up on Google Maps, or you can find addresses for each on in the Passport. You can also see them in our interactive map (scroll up to see that!).

This is neat – I want to invite my friends!

Thank you! You can help more families have fun outside.

  • Like and share our posts about the Park Hop.
  • Create a post on social media…maybe you and your family “hopping” in the air at the park!. Tag any of the Park Hop sponsors (below), and add the hashtag: #ParkHopJeffCo.

Who’s Supporting the Park Hop?

Oak Heritage leads the Park Hop, but this is truly a team effort. Our partners are hard working and fun. They help organize the event, spread the word, and donate prizes. We’re grateful! They include:

I still have a few questions.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at [email protected].

Where did you get this idea?

The Park Hop isn’t a brand new idea. Oak Heritage Conservancy learned about a Park Hop in Greenville, South Carolina. Community organizations started their Park Hop in in 2013. That year, over 100 families participated. Their Park Hop has grown each year, and now includes a year-round scavenger hunt and events at the parks. Last year, over 1,100 children participated. We’ve been talking with them, and they’ve helped us adapt the idea for our community.

This is our third year to host the Park Hop. We hop you’ll join us!

Are there other Park Hops?

Yes! Ripley County is also hosting a Park Hop this year. Go play in their parks, too!

Go outside and have a hopping good time in nature!