OHC Land

OHC Land (Portfolio page)

Oak Heritage Conservancy is proud to protect the following natural areas in perpetuity:

  •      Webster Woods
  •      Smith Woods
  •      Guthrie Woods
  •      Tribbett Woods
  •      Hall-Carmer Wetlands
  •      Crowe Easement
  •      Hilltop Farm
  •      Buttonwood
  •      Hiker’s Knob
  •      Wheeler Hollow
  •      Harrell Cohron Conservation Area

** I will add pics of each site and then add the pages to go with each portfolio item later, as we are still developing the text and pics for this section.

Conservation Around Southeast Indiana

Our 10 counties make up almost one-tenth of the total area of Indiana, covering almost 2.1 million acres or 3,273 square miles. Of this acreage, close to 100,000 acres are publicly owned by such entities as state parks, state forests, state fish and wildlife areas, and national fish and wildlife areas. Other conserved areas are on private land, such as wetlands protected by the federal government and natural areas protected by land trusts, including OHC schools.

We are proud to be a part of the mix of conservation options in southeast Indiana. We see ourselves as a resource for people who want to explore the natural world and preserve our natural heritage. If you share our vision, we hope you’ll get involved.

Image: Map of Conserved Land in Southeast Indiana – Liz will add later