Rogers / Shropshire

Best in Show, to be featured in our exhibit that will travel around southern IN this winter. Carol Ann’s description: When we moved in 11 years ago, I asked my husband, Buck, if I could paint the barn. He asked what color and I told him I was thinking more of a design. Margo Watkins and I, with Bucks help, set up scaffolding and ladders, designed the Sunflower, butterfly layout and for 4 weeks painted the front of the barn. The photo was taken at 1917 E. Telegraph Hill Road, Madison, In  The barn is around 125 years old, is post and beam construction. It is 40X60 ft.  It has the original hay trolley in the peak of the roof.  It now has three levels. The lower level has a couple of stalls and storage spaces..there are lofts on both sides on the second level and an upper level that opens to the backside of the barn with views toward IKE and the river. It has been used for animals, hay storage and tobacco hanging. Now home to tractors. This farm was originally over 150 acres. Photograph by Brenda Shropshire.

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