March 6 – April 4 – Jefferson County Park Hop



3/25/2020: THE PARK HOP IS STILL A “GO” – We all need nature! Please, follow CDC social distancing guidlines and wash your hands often! 

The Park Hop is almost over, so get hopping!

Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, Indiana is now on a Stay-at-Home Order. Parks and nature preserves are still open, though, and we hope that the scavenger hunt can add some normalcy and fun to your life!

If you are still doing the Park Hop, please follow the CDC’s social distancing rules and wash your hands often! DNR is encouraging everyone to limit group sizes to families or 10 people maximum.

If you completed some of the scavenger hunt, good work! We hope you enjoyed it! Normally, we would have a celebration where kids can come learn about nature and claim prizes based on how many parks they visited. Instead:

  • We’re asking parents to help each child fill out a basic little form, to tell us how many parks each child visited – – – and enter to win the Grand Prizes! Click here to enter to win the Grand Prizes!
  • Normally, the Grand Prize is reserved for kids who visited 10 or more parks. However, this year, because we can’t give out the smaller prizes and celebrate in person, any child who visited even one park is eligible for the Grand Prize drawing.
  • Please fill out the form by Saturday, April 4th.
  • Kids can win one of two State Park pass.
  • We’ll draw for the two winners and mail out the Grand Prizes during the following week.
  • If you missed out this year, don’t worry: we’ll do the Park Hop again next year!


The Park Hop is a free, community-wide scavenger hunt through our parks and nature preserves. Jefferson County, Indiana is full of places for you to explore in nature. The Park Hop is a fun way for families (and kids of all ages) to get outside and have fun.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We’re joining thousands of other groups to host Earth Day events all year long. This year, the Park Hop clues challenge you to learn about the natural world and have fun in nature.

From waterfalls to forests, and city parks to lakes, there’s something for everyone, right here in our backyard. (Scroll to the bottom for a map of the 20+ parks in the Park Hop and parking details.)

Visit as many parks as you can, and have fun exploring new parks. As you go, answer the clues on your Passport.

Find all of the details when you click here.

Big thanks to the many community organizations that team up with Oak Heritage to make the Park Hop possible!