Nature Quest – Sandhill Cranes


Our sixth challenge is now up and ready for you – and it’s all about Sandhill Cranes. Have you seen these 4′ tall birds flying over southeast Indiana? This Nature Quest invites you to learn more about Sandhills.

When you’ve completed the Sandhill challenge, enter to win the Nature Quest Grand Prize or try some of the other Nature Quest challenges!

Challenge 6: Sandhill Cranes

Click here to download and print the Sandhill Cranes Nature Quest Challenge.

Or you can save the challenge to your phone and take it outside with you (photo below)!

Curious to learn more before you head outside? Check these out:




About Nature Quest

Nature Quest is a fun, free event happening throughout this Fall and Winter. Families can do Nature Quest together, but still social distance from others. Every other week, we’ll release a new “challenge” with themes like Monarch Migration, Spider Webs, and more. The challenges ask you to look for animal tracks, draw insect wings, listen for birds, and pay attention to nature. Families can print off the one-page Nature Quest challenge, and head to a nature preserve or park to complete the prompts. We’ll post new Nature Quest challenges throughout the cold months. Major thank you to the Rising Sun Regional Foundation for making this program possible – and all of our partners, from the Madison Library to the Muscatatuck Wildlife Society.

This program is possible because of support from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation.