April 13 – Nature at Home Project of the Week: Trees!


This week’s Nature at Home project is all about trees. We’ve gathered a few little experiments and crafts that will help you get to know the trees in your backyard – hopefully in ways you’ve never considered!

  1. How tall is that tree, anyway? We like to measure ourselves as we grow up. It’s a fun ritual to mark our height on a chart or a door jam or a wall, and mark the year. You can get to know trees this way, too! Watch this one minute video explaining how to estimate a tree’s height. All you will need is a stick, your eyes, and a measuring tape. And maybe a calculator and a partner!
  2. Get to know your tree’s bark and leaves with a fun easy craft. You just need paper and some crayons…and the internet or a tree ID book might help, too! This little video explains how to do rubbings. We challenge you to do a rubbing and then compare it to other species of trees. Different bark patterns and leaf shapes help us know which tree is which species – and they make really different designs!
  3. Watch the buds open up this Spring! Some trees are already leafing out, and others are just about to “burst bud” (their leaves are opening). Get up close and personal with some buds. Each day, spend a few minutes observing the buds. Then, take a photo or draw them. You have to draw or photograph them each day because the buds change little by little – and your series of photos or drawings can help you see the magic of this transformation. This transformation might take a week or longer. Go out and get started today! Here’s an example of how one person got to know a tree in her yard by watching the buds transform into leaves!

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Photo by Annabelle Williams