April 20 – Nature at Home Project: Earth Day!


This week’s Nature at Home project is very special: it’s an Earth Day celebration!

Here are some fun projects that will let us all celebrate Earth Day together, even from afar:

  1. Make an Earth Day Window Sign. This would be perfect for a fun Earth Day rally – but we all need to stay at home right now. Instead, make a poster and make sure others can see it. You could tape it to a window, or better yet,Here are some ideas for posters!
    • Come up with a catchy slogan. We recommend something positive (like “Earth is in Our Hands” with lots of hand prints), a good play on words (“Give Bees a Chance”), or something action-oriented (“Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” with an owl). You can find lots of ideas online, including these from the Earth Day Network.
    • Share your poster slogan on the Earth Day Network. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can also see what others are posting around the world.
    • Add some artwork to illustrate your ideas.
    • Tape it to a window
    • Take a picture with you and your poster. Tag us (@oakheritageconservancy) and use some fun hashtags so that others can see your poster (#earthdayeveryday #earthday2020).
  2. Take yourself outside. Watch the birds. Take a walk. Plant a pollinator habitat. Marvel at the natural world. We don’t care what you do, just do it outside in nature! Since we can’t be together, we hope you will snap a pic of your Earth Day outing, and share it online. We would love to see what you’re up to! To share your post with us, just type in “@OakHeritageConservancy” at the end of your post on social media. And of course at #earthday2020!
  3. Participate in “Earth Challenge 2020” – it’s a citizen science project that you can do from home. Anyone with a smart phone can download the app for free, and start helping scientists gather data on things like air quality, plastic pollution, and more. Details are here.

And here are a few more ways to celebrate!

  1. Join Oak Heritage Conservation (or renew your membership to Oak Heritage Conservancy). Encourage conservation in southeast Indiana. And check out this fun video where 15 members share why you should join!
  2. Invite a friend to join. The first 50 new members who join at the $40 level (or above) will receive an eco-friendly Oak Heritage t-shirt. Shirts are made from cotton and recycled plastic bottles.
  3. Buy an Oak Heritage t-shirt. Next time you’re out on a hike, you can show your passion for nature and help spread the word about Oak Heritage, even from six feet away. Shirts are $25, which includes tax and shipping.