May 20 – Nature at Home: A (Virtual) Visit to the Smithsonian’s Habitat Exhibit


Let’s head to our nation’s capital (virtually!) for a tour of the Smithsonian’s Habitats exhibit. They’re spending two years focusing on all the life outside the museum walls. Right now, they’re making the exhibit virtual. There are 15 exhibits in all. There are videos, photos, and more for you to explore. Here’s a sampling of the exhibits:

Sheltering Branches

Outside the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Discover the story of the Southern live oak tree: an enduring symbol of safety, strength, and resilience.

Native Landscape

Outside the National Museum of the American Indian. The Native Landscape at the NMAI features more than 33,000 plants of approximately 150 species native to the DC area.

Bug B&B

Outside the National Museum of Natural History. Bugs are everywhere, and they need places to live, just like us.

Dig into these habitats by clicking here!