May 12 – Nature at Home: #INslowmoments


This week’s Nature at Home project comes to us from Indiana Humanities. We’re in love with the #INslowmoments campaign. The whole point is to get outside, slow down, and capture a video of whatever part of the Indiana landscape inspires you, whether it’s a creek, the hop of a rocky outcropping, the bottom of a waterfall, of the sunset over a meadow. Here’s the scoop, straight from their website…details on how to make and enter your own #INslowmoments video at the bottom!

Life may be slower than usual due to COVID-19, but one of the eternal pleasures of spending time in nature is that it always forces us out of our busy, work/childcare/technology-addled rhythms. Slow moment films work the same way: imagery unfolds in real time, creating a meditative, immersive escape that rewards close attention but works equally well as a soothing background. 

Click here to watch their #INslowmoments video, and note:

You can watch the film on your own, gather in-person with housemates, or invite friends to watch with you online. To guide your viewing and thinking, you’ll find a few prompts below. These make excellent conversation or writing starters, too! We recommend disconnecting from phones or other distractions as you watch. 

Now that you’ve seen their video, are you ready to make (and enter!) your own? Here are the directions from Indiana Humanities. More details (and pics of the prizes!) here.

To participate:

Go to your favorite Indiana nature spot. Bring your picnic blanket, pup or pent-up children. Stay for a while. Look. Listen. Scout the area for the best filming location.

After finding your scenic spot, take a minute-long slow video, like the ones below. Capture the sights and sounds. Stay in the moment—don’t worry about production value.

Make sure the video is saved to your camera roll. You’re in luck— slow videos don’t need to be edited or cut.

Post your slow video to Instagram, tagging @INHumanities and using #INSlowMoments. Share where your video was taken if you’d like, or keep your special Indiana spot a secret.

If you complete steps one through four, congratulations! You’ll be entered to win a Next Indiana Campfires prize pack. The winner will be announced via Instagram on May 24.

Photo by Shelley Pike.