May 5 – Nature at Home: DIY Hummingbird Feeders


Hummingbirds are here! These migratory jewels come to Indiana each Spring. We were amazed to learn that humminbirds remember the feeders and flower patches that they visit over their lifetime – and they’ll return to the same ones over and over. We feel inspired to plant more pollinator plants this Spring, and add some feeders!

If you’re wishing you had a hummingbird feeder (or another one!), here are a few that you can make at home:

Ready to learn more about hummingbirds?

And last but definitely not least, we hope you will plant native wildflowers that hummingbirds need for foraging and feeding their young. We know that’s a little tricky since we’re all staying at home right now. If you haven’t ordered plants from a native plant sale already, you might just do a little research about what you want to plant next year!

Photo by Angela Eveslage, from our Nature & Farm Photo Contest