September 15 – Monarch Butterfly Tagging


Are you curious where the monarch butterflies go? Each Fall, they migrate through Indiana, on their way to spend their winter in Mexico. You can help scientists learn more about the butterflies’ migration.

How? Come help us “tag” Monarchs on September 15th.

  • The tags are tiny, and don’t interfere with the butterflies’ flight. Our work is part of an international citizen science project.
  • You’ll be one of thousands of volunteers helping tag and then look for tagged Monarchs along their migration route.
  • When the tagged Monarchs are spotted, volunteers report their location, gender, and other details, to help scientists answer questions like: Where are the Monarchs spending summer? How long does it take them to migrate? How quickly do they move? What is the rate of mortality during migration? Is their distribution changing over time?

Join Oak Heritage Conservancy and experts from the Indiana Wildlife Federation on Sunday, Sept 15, 6:30pm at Monarch Meadows Nature Preserve (rain date Sept 22). This should be the peak of migration, so we hope to see (and tag!) lots of butterflies.